Friday, October 12, 2007

Pop Corn!

Mummy loves popcorn, daddy loves popcorn, Ah Mah loves popcorn now even EN EN LOVES POPCORN!!!

The first time we introduced Popcorn to En En about 1 month ago, she's in love with it very much. Mummy loves the munchie munchie feeling, daddy craves as it's so yummy. It is a must have when we go for movie... each one has size Large in hand! Daddy used to buy from GSC, even we don't go for movie. Don't know why so in love with pop-corn, they are simply delicious.

We did a test with En En at home, proven she prefers pop-corn than anything else. Mummy gave En En wholemeal bread with cheese slice, she was enjoying before she saw pop-corn. Daddy brought out a packet of popcorn, En En will automatically go near daddy and spit out her bread! Then, she will stick around you asking for pop-corn. Once she grabbed over the whole box, she won't give back to anyone. If you tell you to give some to mummy or daddy, she will pick some and put in your palm. She won't let our hands to pick from the box.

Nowadays, whenever we want to have pop-corn got to pour into cups or big jar and hide from En En... otherwise she will go for this junk food for fun.

Oh yes, the pop-corn sell at GSC is around RM3.xx for a medium size? Can't remember and it's abit expensive compare to others. Well, you got more caramel there. We found another alternative which cost only RM1.69 for one big cone pack and it's very crunchy. The aroma, taste, freshness almost as good as those from GSC. Check it out at Cold Storage.


Bryan's Mama said...

eh so cute lah En En. At least she got "gey" to eat anything...bryan still cannot...only 5 tooth so far!

Bryan's Mama said...

just tagged you!

jazzmint said...

hehe now she can watch tv and eat popcorn ;)

slavemom said...

So cute the pic of her squatting eating popcorn. Wah.. ur little girl so possessive hor. Once in her hand, no 1 can touch it anymore. :D

Angeleyes said...

I also like popcorns especially those coated with caramel.