Thursday, October 11, 2007

TAG: Autograph Book

Got tagged by Bryan's Mama last weekend and promised to complete before this weekend. I dragged coz no idea on the tag yet. Now got idea, better start moving...

This tag is very simple.....answer questions only. Can do in 5mins flat. When I was young, we used to sign "autograph books" - which are simply a list of your likes & dislikes.

Here it is:
#1 What is your favourite movie? Back to the Future I, II & III

#2 Who is your favourite singer? Whitney Houston

#3 Which song gets you grooving in the morning? Can't get my eyes off you... *you're too good to be true, can't get my eyes off you, you are heaven to me, oh...... I love you babe... * okay, I'm drifted away

#4 What is your favourite fruit? Kiwi

#5 Who is your best friend (excluding your family)? Adeline even we seldom meet but we talk about everything from wushu to dating guys and family issues... miss her as we stay apart

#6 Name one activity you would like to indulge in, in your free time. Spa, same with Bryan's mama but I prefer full set if possible.... hehe...

#7 When was the last time you laughed so hard till your sides hurt? last night when I heard En En was learning to say "Ha-lo"!

#8 Do you recall your last dream? No

#9 What is your all-time favourite hobby? Reading and I can read from newspaper to magazines to advertisement booklet

#10 When was your last holiday without the children? last April, company trip to Redang island

I would like to tag:


Miranda Lea said... after another..gv mama a break...holidays r almost here...can do after holidays? hihih

slavemom said...

How nice if got video of En En learning to talk. Can 'tumpang' laugh oso mah. hehehe

Bryan's Mama said...

hey i like that song too!!!! also i can read anything....even the back of a cereal box when I'm having my breakfast!

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha.....Sharine, I love reading advertisement too from magazines and newspaper. Reading the online paper is no fun at all as I can't see whats going on out there thru advertisement :(