Thursday, October 25, 2007

Potty Train's Dilemma Part II

Yesterday En En refused to sit on potty so she refused to poo. Today, she showed sign of poo poo on her face and we try to bring the potty for her. She still rejected and ran away to the kitchen, away from the potty. Fine, we didn't force her and she was still bottomless.

En En walked around and the potty was actually put at living room, MIL was trying to make her sat on the potty but she cabut (escaped) fast. Then without anyone realized suddenly the potty dissapeared!!?? Then we saw this little placing the potty back to its original place, and again bottomless. We were waiting for her to do her business and she was busying hiding away the potty. *roll eyes*

MIL took out the potty again and later En En took it away and put back to the place we keep the potty. Everyone felt funny about her act and laughed out hysterically (it's so hard to give her that serious face indicate that mummy is angry, mummy always is the one who burst out loud laughing!) yet she can still give you that innocent smile!


Wen said...

if she ever sits on the potty, mayb u can walk away and let her divert her attention to poo poo in potty...i do that..

Bryan's Mama said...

maybe she malu cos you're around? my niece only uses the potty to do her biz when nobody is watching so my mum puts the potty in a corner behind a divider haha

mybabybay said...

You may want to let her try the adult potty and the FLUSH. least she cannot move tat potty.

LA My Home said...

so cheeky girl ... don't want potty somemore go hide the potty. =)