Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sleepless Baby

Arrrgh... I can't stand it anymore! Can't imagine how come En En refuse to sleep eventhough she's tired and both eyes are red? She just refuse to go to the bed. Whenever I tried to make her sleep with lullably or nice talk to her and even switch off the light, tell her it's time for bed she just ignore and crawl in the dark and even talking to me with her baby talks.
These two days she's very naughty, she refused to pass motion! So she will hold till night time, especially time for bed then she will pooed a little bit. Once we put her on her potty, she refused and insisted to stand up and get away from the potty. Today, I changed disposable for her and she poo in it. Fine, it's expected since she refused to sit on the potty so might as well let her poo in the diaper. Half hour later, she poo again for the second time and before this I was trying to make her sleep but she refused! I guess she still want to poo. So, I change the diaper again. How I wish I used cloth diaper but it's too late.
We wasted 4 disposable diaper without any pee but with a bit of poo. One disposable diaper cost is around RM0.75, so in just 2 days En En already used up RM4.40, including the new one we changed for her after poo.
Well, everything's done and I think En En should be ready to sleep but somehow didn't know why she's still so active and spring up when I tried to make her sleep. I tried a few times with her but she just didn't care about what I told her. She still wants to go around the room and I really lost my patient slowly. Felt like beating her since I was in bad mood already.
Before this, she's very easy to fall asleep, with her Pooh bear around her bouncer, she will sleep quietly and slowly closed her eyes. But not for yesterday and today! I just can't figure out what's wrong with her. Then, daddy came in the room and I just walked out telling daddy I'm in bad mood already. Thank God, daddy is supportive and he asked me to take a break, got out from the room first. I did and I went downstair to practise my piano as this is another way to redirect my anger. After half and hour, I felt better. It was 11.00pm and my dear daughter is still crawling in the room without any tired face but with two red eyes.
Daddy dozed off within 5 minutes, guess he's very tired from work but our little fella still with big, wide eyes looked at what we were doing. I just told myself by hook or by crook, I must make her sleep. I swing the boucer softly, no effect as she's still wringgle. Then I up the volume, swing harder... yup, En En started to shut her eyes and opened again then shut again. In less than 15 minutes, she too reporting to her dreamland. What a challenging task I have at home after working for whole day in the office!!!

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Allyfeel & bb said...

Does En En sleep a lot during the day? If she is so active, try preventing her from taking nap in the afternoon. This way, she may fall asleep esily nite time. Dun stress urself too much. Kids is unpredictable sometimes. SHe will grow out of it. Music is a good remedies to calm bad mood. ;)