Tuesday, May 15, 2007

12 Month Old

Today is my little princess 1st birthday. Everyone in the family is so excited waiting to celebrate this joyous moment. Time flies incredibly fast and I thought it’s just yesterday I gave birth to her since memory still fresh on the day of her arrival into our family. Still remember the moment I saw her in the labour room, I burst into tears and hubby was overjoy to become a father. Went through happiness and sadness, frustration and anxious moments but it’s really a tough and difficult journey. Afterall, seeing En En growing up healthily everyday is worth than anything else.

Tonight we’ll have a small party for En En at home with both families. Even “gong gong” and “po po” also travel down to Penang from Alor Setar to join the event. How lucky this fella is coz she got so many people to love her. I’m sure she’ll have fun today and everybody will shower her with lots of love and presents. She will have many first times after this and mummy will be busy to record down her achievements.

The following is something that I wish to record for En En and also got permission from aunty Jazzmint coz this is her copyright. Hehehe… En En got lots of developments in verbal, actions and preferences. Mummy just don’t know how to record them down and starting from today will record every 3months about En En.

Vital Stat:
Weight: 9kg
Height : 73cm

Every 3 hours for meals. Rarely give her snacks as she never will finish the meal if tummy is even quarter full. If mummy is with her, then maybe will give her some cheese, baby biscuits, chocolate love letters from Julie’s (just very little and she just love it!) and daddy will offer ice-cream! I can foresee that En En will be a fan for ice cream in no time.
Typical Chinese baby, prefer porridge over cereal but breakfast been on fruits with oatmeal for 5 months already and still is. Only take 5-6 oz milk.
Favourite fruits: Pear, banana, apple
Prefer taste: Salty (even we never add salt), sour. Sweet is a no no for her.

Overall Development (since mummy never record down previously )
1) Dancing with both hand twisting
En En love music and will automatically move her body to dance whenever she listen to music. We never teach her that but she's able to move up and down then with hands twisting too. Just imagine like a Malay dancer's hands... yeah, she is doing it very well.

2) Identify house door key
Since she love to go kai kai (as long as out from the house then it's fine for her) we always try not to encourage her to go out by asking her to pick the key and ask her lots of questions like who you want to go out with. She will first point to ah gong (who is her personal entertainer and responsible for outing activities) and ask him to hold her. Then she will point to the place where we put all our house keys and car keys. En En will then pick the bundle of keys and she knows which one is the key to open the house door. then we take the key and she will be pointing to the dorr straight!

3) Nod and shake head
And she really means it! When we ask her whether she wants something, if yes she’ll nod otherwise she will keep quiet or shake her head.

4) Words she is able to pronounce and understand the meaning
Papa – daddy (since 5 months old)
“mah” – grandma (since 7 months old)
“mie” - mummy
kakak – my house maid
woo… woo or “Gou” (in mandarin) – dog
nana – banana
ball - ball
“kai kai” – her favorite words and will tell you directly even she just wake up
“kong kong” – grandpa
“mum mum” – eat
“hmm…e” – poo or pee
“Ma” – horse in mandarin
“mei mei” – pretty in mandarin
“ma yi” – ant in mandarin

5) Whistle
En En knows how to whistle when she’s 11 month old. She observed and learned from my sis who were being playful with her. Last 2 weeks she’s so proud to show off her amazing ability and she’s happy that she’s able to make all of us laugh with her new trick. Lately she seldom whistle but when on the car ride, she will whistle again and I think that’s indicate she’s enjoying and happy.

6) Smile to Camera with flash
She was giving us that “what you doing with the black thing (BIL’s SLR) again?” and “me again?” look. For the past few days since mummy only able to snap her pic at night after work, so need flash la. She is happy to see the flash and now smile more when facing the camera coz she expect to see the flash light. After that she will crawl to me to grab the camera.

7) Standing and Moving with Support
Support from us or she will support herself by moving along the sofa. She is able to stand up from a squat position and then clap her hands when she's successful.

8) Love the staircase
We used to forbid her to get near the staircase but think it's time for her to learn. So, everyday we let her crawl up the stairs at least 3 times - 2 for her bath and 1 for bedtime. Other time, we try to put a big empty box to block her way up.

9) Learn from mistake
This little fella is very clever, she knows once bitten twice shy. On the first time we used the empty box to block her way up to the stair, she pushed the box and the box fell hit on her head. It's not really that painful but I think she got scared and since then when she realized we put the box there, she turns away. So, we save money on skipping on buying the gate stuff. LOL


jazzmint said...

wahh 93cm!! she's sure a tall girl

Peridot&Sapphire said...

aiyoh... sorry ah... typo error la.... en en is not a giant baby, only 73cm tall nia. Quick quick change in the post....