Friday, May 18, 2007

1st Birthday


En En was so excited during her first birthday 3 days ago. Her little cousin sisters were here, gong gong and po po also here and En En was busying asking anyone to bring her out for kai kai. No, we never brought her out but instead changed her quickly in nice outfits, pin her hair and let her wear on her first shoes.
En En was quite fussy at first but when she saw her cousins around, she can't wait to join them and follow them where they go. Even one of her cousin went bath, En En was sitting outside the bathroom and waited for her!

En En was so proud and happy when we praised her saying she looks so pretty with her new make-over (since most of the time seldom wear girlie cloths). She replied us with a big and yet shy smiley face.

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En En was quiet during her cake-cutting event as she was curious about people around her and the cake! We secially ordered the homemake cake and change the design ti adding her favourite Pooh bear as decoration. En En was stunned looking at the 2 tiny bears on top of the cake. She never seen any birthday cake before and was abit scared when the candle lighted on. We sang birthday song to her and she accidentally place her finger onto the cake and the sticky feeling from the cream in fact frightened her. En En was screaming and crying after touching the cake as if it's sometimes going to eat her up!!! She quickly turned away after we blown the candle for her. Then, slowly we moved her back to the cake and gave her the plastic knife to cut on the cake. After that, she screamed again bcoz she was touching the cake again! Afraid but still wanna try touching... *roll eyes*

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After the event, it's almost En En bedtime. All of us followed her into the room but played with her. She enjoyed so much with everyone especially the cousin sister. Mummy brought out her presents and she was so amamzed with daddy's one - Fisher Price: animal nursery rhymes CD player which daddy bought from US. We even play ballons in the room... hehe.

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Guess she's quite tired after the party and dozed off very soon. So, that's how En En first birthday was, simple and just nice!

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huisia said...

Happy Belated Birthday to En En.