Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What's En En up to lately?

It's already 1 week passed En En birthday. basically nothing special that happen in the family, En En still eat, sleep, play and ask for "kai-kai" everyday. Gosh, she just couldn't stay at home. No, we do not bring her to "kai-kai" as no one is going for shopping and the weather is hot during daytime. The most we can do is bring her out for fresh air early in the morning and visit dogs in the evening around the neighbourhood. Ah Kong and Ah Mah is doing this role everyday, never miss unless it's raining and En En just know what to do every morning and evening - points to the door and shouts "kai-kai"! when it's time.

Since last week, she prefers to walk more than crawling now. These few days, she's busy pulling our hands or fingers to walk with her. I mean to aid her in standing and guide her to walk. Well, this little naugthy girl walks very fast as if she's running but still very unstable.

The Stairs
En En seems never get bored with the stairs even we told her "NO" firmly and "catch" her everytime she attempts to crawl up herself.
Right now, she will crawls at the beginning, then will stand up by pulling the stair rails (the supported steels of the stairs handle)and walk up steps by steps. I mean one stair at a time. No one teach her this techniques but she's able to figure out herself.
Since yesterday, she is trying to do a more dangerous action, going down the stairs!!! Not even crawling, but still holding the stairs rails and place her foot one at a time to get down! Haiyo.... this barely can walk little girl is so brave and fearless. Unfortunately, she's still not tall enough and doesn't know how to step properly to place her foot yet. So, must watch out of her when she's upstairs now since she is trying to "walk" down.

Speech - New Words
"Go" - when she is climbing the stairs as I always tell her "go go & up up".
"Gou3" - sometimes pronounce same as "GO" too but the difference is look at the place. Climbing stairs means "go" otherwise it means "dog" in mandarin.
bird - suddenly heard she talk about this word and that time she's looking outside the house.
"Ah Kengn/Kong" - sometimes pronouce exactly but sometimes miss the actual word but means the same for grandpa. Ah Gong was so happy as he always thought all babies will be the last to be able to call "Ah Kong".
"Bao3 Bao3" - means full. There is one time she had enough milk but we saw still left 1oz (coz normally she will finish all)but she quickly turned and sit up then moved her hands on her tummy and said to us "bao bao". Indirectly means "I'm full, don't force me to finish the milk"! Clever girl... at last, you know how to express yourself when you are full.

Recent Activities
1. Open and close drawers - and yes she's been hurting her fingers by pushing the drawer in but never let go. She didn't cry but screamed. Then she forgot and redo again.

2. Shake her legs left and right while sitting whether there's music or not. It's like starting to build bad habits now.

3. Listen to what we said and imitate us. Sometimes, she really can speak out the exact words in exact pronouncing.

4. Kai-kai and Dai-dai! En En never fail in telling us this word even she's half awake in the morning. Kai-Kai is her all-time favourite, guess she must be an out-going person in future. Yes, this is her first word to greet us instead of Good Morning!


Paik Ling said...

Wahhhhhhh..........En En is such a big girl already!!!!! Looks like she will be a party animal next time hee hee

Miranda Lea said...

don't be surprised if her favourite spot in underneath the coffee maybe behind the couch...hide and seek mommy!!