Monday, May 7, 2007

Overwhelm with SB

Wow... gorgoues..... nice layout.... cute embellishments..... excellent colors and contrast..... full of love & passion.... how nice the look of this end result..... huh? they have stiches and paper craft added in Scrapbooking!!!
Oh Gosh... I think I'm overwhelm with those samples from gallery.... they are all very unique and pretty with lots of decorations, rich colours, just-nice contrast, beautiful art motif and so on..... Everyone is so artistic and they have their masterpiece display right here, in front of the PC with just a click away. How I wish I can be that creative but of course provided I have lots of spare time and money. It's a great way to scrap down the moments in your life of your precious one. Just anyone, anywhere and anything.
Alright, alright..... I must settle my mind and calm myself in order to take baby step in exploring scrapbooking. Everything must start out one by one especially if I'm going to add on crafting as this needs some skills though. Luckily, daddy support what I'm doing, thanks so much even it's just a spirited-support (means I buy the material on my own, sobbing...... :O( ) Well, perhaps I can add some crochet in my scrapbook.... this may take ages to come out with one that really work LOL.

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jazzmint said...

hehe the more u see the moer u want to buy ;).

hey no worries, no copyrights issue on that milestone thingy...