Thursday, May 10, 2007

Greeneries in Office

Never know why my boss loves green plants so much. Once he ordered, the whole office will be full of green plants at every corner since we have a medium size office. In fact, this really ease the tired working eyes and create a balance environment at workplace.

This is one of my boss's favourite plant.

I do not have a camera with me during working hours or else I'm sure will snap a few photos. The bad part is not everyone participate in caring for the greens and eventually the plant dies and again my boss will change the whole batch again. There are even evil-hearted people who pour coffee or tea to the plant, so bad! But then again, if the plant stay indoor for too long, they lack of the energetic look meaning starting to turn dry on the leaves and if abandon further will end up a pot of brown leaves plant. Feel sad about this coz it always make me think of us, human being who live and stay alone will end up very lonely and old in the future when we age.
So, take care of every lifes that we have and appreaciate the brightness and lustre of it even it's just appear for a short period.

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