Thursday, May 10, 2007

ERP, Everyone?

Today was called in by a customer to undergo a training meant for supplier to submit quote and acknowledge PO from their online Oracle system. This is a new implemented model in my customer's buidling. Yup, they are moving towards full ERP system for the entire plant.
Well, this is my first time to see Oracle system. Not really touch the whole system but only the supplier portal. They spent almost a million to set up all these and to my surprise there are some common user friendliness is not there. Some of them are no defaulted value, no auto calculation for total price, no auto-triggered when submit is not funtioning. My company is doing ERP as well but we are not meant for giant company but is customisable. I feel great to have the exposure to popular ERP application even it's just a small piece of it. Nowadays most organisation will need ERP to run their business and operation as this will reduce their manpower and operation time and up the volume for production and proper management decision tools.
I am interested in learning about how today's IT technology and application can help and apply flawlessly in organization and the role of each of them. I'm not a techkie person and was once determined to be a consultant. Too bad, this never happen yet and since having my baby, I am thinking on how to become a good mother! LOL Sounds silly right?? But this is what actually my heart is longing for. So, ERP Consultant please give your way...

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