Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Day Out

En En was overwhelm whenever we bring her out anywhere will do. She loves the car ride and enjoy herself very much even it's just a 10-minutes ride out from the house. She normally will sing, dance and whistle during the ride.
We brought her to Gurney Plaza yesterday from 2.45pm till almost 5pm then only went home. She's overjoy and excited with the environment and never fussy even it's time for her milk and nap. She won't sleep at all and always end up with both red eyes!
What's really make me feel funny is she really loves to dance! We were in the car and as usual daddy is the driver. Mummy asked daddy to turn on radio to LightFM or MixFM and within seconds En En listened to the music, she started to move her body and legs then with hands twisting like those Malay dancer!!! This one thanks to MIL who always sing and teach her and En En indeed pick up very fast. En En was standing at the backseat with mummy and while helding her dancing, I was uncontrollably laughing as her moves and little actions was so cute! Wish I got a cam recorder to record down.

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jazzmint said...

kids love all these and when they see us enjoy watching them, lagi they want to do for us LOL