Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sleepless Mummy

It's been quite a few days mummy slept after 12.30am and weekend even broke record - 2a.m! Normally I'll be on the bed after En En sleeps around 10-11pm. Since addicted to scrapbooking, this hobby really consume alot of my time now.
With En En around, there is nothing much I can do but wait for the appropriate time to start scrapping. Normally, it's after En En go to bed. Phew! It's not easy to do scrapbooking till midnight but the idea keeps on coming out and I just can't wait to translate that into my scrapbook.

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It took me almost 2 weeks to complete these 2 masterpiece, not because it's difficult but the chance to get the right timing to sit down and concentrate on my sb work seems so impossible. I only need 2 or 2 and half hours to complete one sb work. Another factor is En En is like a glue on me and whatever I'm doing she wants to get close and join. So, that's mean I got to delay and delay. There are still more to come out but curretly never print out the selected photos yet. So, it's a temporary break for me to catch up with my sleep time.

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jazzmint said...

wah 2am!!! that's really a night owl