Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New milestone before 1 year old

Lately discover my little angel learn a lot and fast too. Can you imagine a child under 1 year old is ABLE TO WHISTLE??!!En En pick up very fast and imitate us faster than we can imagine.
1) Able to comb hair (even she's just trying but she insists to do this after bath)
2) Able to whistle with "hu-fu-hu" sound from her mouth in a deeper tone than her normal voice! (I was really surprise with her ability)
3) Able to sleep on her own BUT with the Pooh bear by her side.
4) Able to nod or shake her head when we asked her whether she wants her milk or not.
5) Able to call "mie", which refers to her mummy.
6) Able to understand instruction that we gives her such as "No", "Cannot", "Come here", etc...
7) Able to crawl up the stairs and still with energectic look when she reachs there.
8) Able to stand for 1 minutes without anyone help and other types of support.
9) Able to bite our shoulders, legs and hands with her new 4 big teeth!
10) Able to play more wilder with her cousin sisters now since she loves to join them even she just crawling...
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Really wonder what she can surprise us again when approching her 1st birthday soon... I hope it's not something bad.

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